Toyota Tundra Bullies South Carolina Highway Patrol

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Toyota Tundra Bullies South Carolina Highway Patrol
Toyota Tundra Bullies South Carolina Highway Patrol

Modern pickup trucks can be great tools for getting all sorts of jobs done, but some people instead use them to bully others on the road. We’re thinking this guy who did a hit-and-run on another driver, then assaulted South Carolina Highway Patrol as a trooper pursued just might be of that ilk.

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After all, that’s the kind of man who hits a woman in a small car with their full-size truck, then takes off. That kind of man would also try escaping consequences when a cop pulls them over for doing the hit and run on the woman.


That, of course, triggers a lengthy chase where the suspect uses his truck like a weapon against the trooper. And why not? It’s big and tough and this guy obviously like pushing people around.

What’s really hilarious about the dashcam footage we’ve shared is that it’s obvious the Tundra is a two-wheel-drive model. They guy keeps cutting across green spaces to go from one road or ramp to another and when he does he keeps fishtailing like crazy.

At one point he comes nose to nose with the primary trooper, hitting the push bar on the front of the cruiser. Was this intentional or could the guy not control his truck as it spun around? We don’t know but this is a great endorsement for spending a little extra and getting that front differential.

The trooper finally PITs the Toyota, but the hard hit doesn’t disable it. Instead, the guy takes off again, this time weaving through a commercial area with plenty of buildings and turns. We’re going to go out on a limb and say this isn’t the first time this suspect has run from police.

Sadly, the maneuvers work and the trooper loses sight of the Tundra. Other than taking some damage on his truck, the suspect seems to get away without consequence.

Image via Police Addict/YouTube