Tesla And Diesel Pickup Driver Get In Road Rage Incident

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Tesla And Diesel Pickup Driver Get In Road Rage Incident
Tesla And Diesel Pickup Driver Get In Road Rage Incident

Road rage can involve just one party fueling the situation, but like in this example of a diesel Ford truck and Tesla owners going at it, usually both parties are at fault. When this footage originally hit the internet, most people made their decision on who was “right” based on which vehicle or owner group they like the most. But we’ll just be honest and say both the truck and Tesla drivers acted like idiots, escalating the situation and providing great examples of what not to do.

Learn about the infamous Tesla road rager who was finally caught here.

Everything started when the diesel pickup driver got in the lane next to the Tesla, then rolled some coal. We love how Tesla drivers think they’re the only ones to endure this kind of behavior. The thing is that persecution complex twists everything because everyone hates the truck bros, including other truck owners.

The guy, named “Kurt”, was apparently already keyed up to document coal rolling incidents thanks to his watching other videos of his Tesla brethren being so persecuted. That might explain why the guy couldn’t let what we would describe as a fairly innocuous event go but instead pursued the Ford into a gas station, you know, to capture the plate number so he could call the EPA or something. If you notice, he got the plate as the truck was passing him, so this maneuver wasn’t necessary.


Then Kurt punched it, passing the truck in a manner the other driver couldn’t possibly miss. We think that was the real reason the Tesla owner followed the truck, to send a message that coal rolling is bad and he was in trouble. Please don’t laugh too hard, but yes, it is pretty hilarious.

But what followed wasn’t funny at all. The Ford driver punched it as well, chasing Kurt down. Both drivers got out of their cars, something we tell people never to do in a road rage situation because that’s where things usually get violent.

The two exchanged insults, and it looks like there might have been a little jostling/shoving. Then the Ford driver turned around and walked back to his truck. But Kurt followed him and it appears he shoved the guy. That’s when a bystander intervened and from his body language, it appears he was telling the two to go their separate ways. Smart advice.

Instead, Kurt got into the Ford driver’s face and argued some more. The narrator said “Kurt was waiting for him to take a swing or something, but he never did.” That’s what we call baiting, everyone, and you’re not an innocent party if you do get socked in the face at that point. Like we said, both act like fools.

Kurt wanted a fight, but instead he got a mild car chase. When they pulled up at a red light, the other driver yelled more insults, then claimed Kurt tried running him off the road. In other words, they were trying to compete in the Victim Olympics.

After the other guy gave up, Kurt and the video narrator spin that as the inferior diesel truck owner realizing the Tesla is just faster and superior. So the guy is a victim and also a Chad. We’re sure the other driver thinks of himself in the same convoluted way.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a pro-Tesla account so it automatically portrays the EV driver as a helpless victim who was just defending himself. But from our view both drivers escalated the situation. We’re just glad nobody was hurt, especially all those innocent people who just happened to be on the road with these two morons.