Cyclist Gets Busted For Traffic Violations

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Cyclist Gets Busted For Traffic Violations
Cyclist Gets Busted For Traffic Violations

If you live in an area with even just a fair number of cyclists on the road, there’s a good chance you have a bone to pick with at least a few of them. After all, it seems quite evident some cyclists think the rules of the road absolutely don’t apply to them because they’re somehow special. That’s why seeing this cyclist get busted by a cop in Orlando, Florida is just so satisfying.

Biker eats crow in a shocking race.

The cyclists at first seems completely shocked that the officer stopped him. Perhaps that’s why so many of them think they can get away with whatever behavior because, for whatever reasons, police don’t cite them for traffic violations.


According to the officer, this cyclist was riding side-by-side with another guy, which in Florida is apparently illegal. We know that’s against the law elsewhere, but don’t tell the cyclists that because they do it anyway. Sometimes they ride three or four abreast and hold up traffic, apparently thinking that’s just their right.

What’s more, this officer says the cyclist wasn’t using hand signals while crossing in front of traffic. Amazingly, drivers can’t read the minds of people on bicycles, so they don’t know if the rider is going to suddenly veer in front of them to turn or perform some other maneuver. Then when the driver almost hits them, the cyclists believe they’re in the right and get to road rage at the driver. And that in turn makes more drivers loathe cyclists.

A big part of the problem with cyclists is they want all the privileges of being treated like a vehicle on public roads but none of the responsibilities. They don’t want to license their bicycle, they don’t want to stop at stop signs and even some traffic lights, they don’t want to signal, they don’t want to stay in their lane, and they don’t want to watch out for other vehicles. All this does is anger drivers. We wish more police would cite cyclists when they break the law.

Oh, and this cyclist gets off the hook ultimately with no citations written. So there’s that.

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