Cyclists Cry Victim After Cop Lectures Them

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Cyclists Cry Victim After Cop Lectures Them
Cyclists Cry Victim After Cop Lectures Them

A group of cyclists in Atlanta are furious after a police officer made them pull over and gave them a lecture while they were riding through the city. While a report on the incident provided scant information about the incident, we think what wasn’t included speaks volumes.

Guy on a jet ski seems to think he’s above the law.

We’ve all encountered entitled, difficult cyclists before. Maybe they’re riding three or four abreast, not letting cars get by, and acting aggressive towards any driver who does try to pass. There are other ways cyclists can rub drivers the wrong way, but one thing we unfortunately can always count on is them playing the victim every time they’re called out for it.


This sure sounds like that type of situation, although we weren’t there so it’s impossible to say that for sure. According to a member of the group, who spoke with Fox 5 Atlanta, a group of 30-40 people were doing a ride for World Bicycle Day when a BMW driver “flew” past them.

Not only does the report insinuate the Bimmer was speeding, it also mentions the car crossed the double yellow line as it passed the group. And yet later in the report it’s mentioned how drivers are supposed to move over for cyclists. It’s almost like for some people on bicycles, nothing drivers do is good enough.

Right after, a police officer put on his lights and sirens. The cyclists assumed the cop was going to pull over the BMW since they perceived him as being in the wrong. But that’s when they got a shock as the cop ordered the entire group of riders to pull over.

Now comes the curious part: nothing in the report indicates exactly why the officer pulled the cyclists over. That’s where we get suspicious. Were they blocking a lane of traffic and not staying in the bike lane? Did they commit some other violation? We don’t know since that’s not mentioned.

Instead, it cuts to an interview with an attorney specializing in bike law who takes umbrage with the cop’s actions.

Was the BMW driver in the wrong or were the cyclists? We have no idea, and the report doesn’t help us sort through what actually happened, so we might never know. But the report does mention how awful car culture is and makes it clear bicycling should be prioritized.

Image via Fox 5 Atlanta/YouTube