This Is What Dad Really Wants For Father's Day

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If your dad is a gearhead, here's some ideas to thank him for being great.

If you're still looking for Father's Day ideas, you're not alone. According to unofficial data gathered from the greeting card aisle on the Saturday night, sometimes even Sunday morning, a lot of people don't plan very far ahead for poor dad. Motorious is here to help with some last minute ideas that will make it seem like you've been planning his day for months. Bonus, keep these ideas on hand for his birthday too.

Check out what happened to a mischievous father-son street racing duo.

Go to a car show

This is going to be a huge comeback year for car shows as most covid restrictions, especially outdoors, have been lifted across the country. Dad will love being out in the fresh air and talking cars with likeminded people.

Take him on a car cruise

Car cruising is basically leveling up from taking dad to a car show, so if his ride needs some dust knocked off, now is the perfect time to do so.

Sign him up for a driving experience

It might be too late to get him on the track over the weekend, and there might not necessarily even be an event in your area right now either, but you can still sign him up for a driving experience and gift him the receipt.

Last minute gifts

Unless you have a Summit Racing location pretty close by, you might be at the mercy to Amazon Prime on this one, but there are some options out there. My Father's Day gift giving formula is pretty simple: knife, zippo, new hat or wallet - these are always gearhead related. This year it's all Mopar themed for my favorite dad.

Other ideas are multitools, piston keychains (this is my go-to 'hit' gift with any gearhead), flashlights, and magnetic pickups (seriously, these are the best).

Happy Father's Day to all of the gearhead dad's out there from Motorious! If your kids don't follow our advice and get you something good, use it as an excuse to buy something for yourself from the Motorious inventory.

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