Daisy Jones & the Six Team on Finale's 'Powerful' Choice, If [Spoiler] Can Ever Be Happy Together — Plus, Grade It!

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Daisy Jones & the Six finale. Proceed at your own risk!

The music — and the love triangle — came to an end in Daisy Jones & the Six‘s finale. As teased in the series premiere, the final installment of the Prime Video drama centered around the band’s 1979 concert in Chicago, which marked the abrupt conclusion of their tour and their last performance together.

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The group started to unravel after Camila accused Billy of having an affair with Daisy, and when he couldn’t deny loving her, it only got worse. With his marriage falling apart — and the realization that something happened between Camila and Eddie, earning the latter a black eye courtesy of his bandmate — Billy started drinking and using drugs again. Meanwhile, Camila confronted Daisy, sending the singer down a spiral of her own. Backstage at the concert, an unstable Billy kissed Daisy and told her that Camila had left him, so they were free to be broken together. But Daisy didn’t want that.

“Love can be peace… And if you’re lucky enough to find somebody who lifts you up, even if you don’t deserve it, that’s where the light is,” Daisy told the concert crowd, before mouthing to a distraught Billy to go. He took off, catching up with Camila at the hotel. While the two had an emotional confrontation on the balcony, the documentary’s filmmaker spoke up that she remembered that fight because — surprise! — she is Billy and Camila’s grown-up daughter, Julia.

Older Billy shared that he went to rehab again and started therapy, eventually winning back Camila and getting to watch Julia grow up. (Daisy, too, entered rehab after that Chicago show and went on to have a successful solo career and became a mother.) Then tragedy struck: Camila got sick and passed away. Looking back, Billy was now certain that Camila was the love of his life. In her documentary interview, Camila echoed the sentiment that she and Billy chose each other and had a wonderful marriage — but life is never simple.

The footage ended with some instructions from Camila, which Julia shared with Billy and Daisy: “So one day, when he’s ready, tell your father to give Daisy Jones a call. And tell Daisy Jones to answer. At the very least, those two still owe me a song.”

Billy took the message to heart, knocking on Daisy’s door, who answered it with a smile.

Below, the show’s producers and stars weigh in on Billy and Daisy’s future, as well as Karen and Graham’s heartbreaking breakup and the challenges of that final concert. Plus, scroll down to grade the series ender!

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