Dakar Rally Racer Carles Falcón Dies After Crash

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Dakar Rally Racer Carles Falcón Dies After Crash
Dakar Rally Racer Carles Falcón Dies After Crash

Spanish motorcycle racer Carles Falcón tragically died while competing at the Dakar Rally following a tragic crash. The shocking announcement about his passing away was made by Dakar Rally organizers on social media on January 15, sending shockwaves throughout the motorsports community and Falcón’s fans. He was only 45.

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According to the Dakar Rally X account, Falcón was on stage two of the race and had covered 448 km (about 278 miles) when the accident happened. Medical crews responded and the racer was airlifted to a hospital in Al Duwadimi, then transported to a hospital in Riyadh. Several days later, he was taken to Spain.

The Twin Trail Racing Team Instagram account said the Dakar medical team confirmed Falcón suffered a cardiovascular medical event from the accident and that the subsequent damage was irreversible. The post goes on to remember how the man was always smiling, uplifting others, had a deep passion for riding motorcycles, and helped many others in the sport. It’s obvious he will be greatly missed.


Exact details about what happened to Falcón haven’t been released, leaving everyone to speculate. The only thing we know for sure was that first responders found him unconscious and without a pulse. It sounds like there was no bringing him back.

Racing is inherently a risky activity, even with all the modern safety innovations and practices in place. Sadly, that sometimes means people are seriously hurt or killed while competing. But this is something everyone in motorsports should understand and if they’re not okay with it, find something else to take up their time and energy.

Dakar Rally is no stranger to tragedy. The race is a true test of endurance, with this year’s event covering 7,891 kilometers (over 4,900 miles) through rugged desert. When the envelope is pushed like that, accidents sadly do happen.

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