Dallas Carjacker Charged With Murder After Crash

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Dallas Carjacker Charged With Murder After Crash
Dallas Carjacker Charged With Murder After Crash

A carjacker in Dallas has been charged with murder after a woman in the car he stole was killed when the suspect crashed. The carjacker claims he didn’t know the woman was inside the vehicle, but we doubt that’s going to be much of a defense.

This is an excellent way to disappoint your mother.

The carjacking went down in the early morning hours of March 10. The suspect watched a Honda Accord pull up to a gas station and two people got out of the front seats. He believed the car, which was left idling, was empty, not realizing there was a woman in the back.

Speeding off, the suspect failed to negotiate a turn as he sped along a road, crashing the Accord into a power pole, killing the innocent woman as she was thrown from the wreckage. It’s a sad and senseless death.


Even more shocking, a witness claims the suspect crawled out of the wrecked Honda, said his legs were broken, and claimed he stole the car so he could get to work. Then he asked for a gun so he could shoot himself.

We don’t know if the woman who was in the backseat was asleep, intoxicated, or what her status was when the car was taken. We also don’t know why the other two people left the car running and apparently didn’t bother to lock the doors.

What we do learn from a Fox 4 report is that the woman was lying down, so perhaps that’s why the carjacker didn’t see her at first. But once he realized he was kidnapping someone, he could have just pulled over, jumped out of the car, and disappeared. Instead, he kept driving.

While we’re not blaming anyone but the carjacker, this serves as a stark reminder that even if you’re sitting in your car in a parking lot, you need to lock the doors, There are criminals looking to exploit any opportunity to take your vehicle, so don’t make it easy for them.

Image via Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Worth/YouTube

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