Dashcam Captures Woman Running into Car in Possible Carjacking Attempt

Dashcam footage recently posted to the Facebook page of Dash Cam Owners Australia shows a startling collision. The video begins with a driver navigating a roundabout late at night in Browns Plains, a suburb about 17 miles south of Brisbane. As they exit the roundabout, a woman standing by a traffic sign darts out into the road. She runs out in front of the vehicle, braces herself, and then jumps at the car.

In case you missed it:

The heavy impact knocks the woman to the ground. Another person runs out to help her, yelling at the driver to stop. The driver quickly reverses and then goes around the pair to pull away. It was apparent that something possibly more sinister could have happened if the driver stayed around. Dash Cam Owners Australia added:


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“Dashcam footage of alleged insurance fraud incident. There were several people approaching from behind the vehicle instantly after the incident, driver fled due to risk of carjacking/suspecting a fraudulent claim at 3am in Browns Plains.”