Dashcam Catches Chevy Dealer Mechanics Joyriding in Customer’s Corvette Z06

Dashcam Catches Chevy Dealer Mechanics Joyriding in Customer’s Corvette Z06 photo
Dashcam Catches Chevy Dealer Mechanics Joyriding in Customer’s Corvette Z06 photo

Fast cars are fun, but it's best to enjoy them with permission from the owner. That's easy if your name is on the title, but if you're a mechanic at a dealership, it's a good idea to check for a dashcam first. This duo from the service department at Modern Chevrolet out of Burlington, North Carolina, did not. They still had fun in the customer's 2016 Corvette Z06, though.

The owner of the car posted the video straight from said dashcam to YouTube on his channel
NyteFall's Cars and Stuff. We could not contact him, however, other videos on his channel indicate he purchased the supercharged Corvette in January 2022. According to the video, the car was taken to Modern Chevrolet for a fuel injector replacement on July 31, 2023. That's when the trouble started.

The fix, which should've only taken a few days, ended up stretching out for weeks. The owner reached out to General Motors corporate, curious about how such a simple issue could take so long to address. This finally got the wheels turning. After eventually getting his car back, he decided to check the dashcam to see just what the holdup was. That's when he discovered the clips of the dealer employees having their fun.


The clips themselves aren't as egregious as what we've seen before with at least one new C8. The owner of the C7 also peppers the video with comments that don't exactly attract a ton of sympathy. All of this being said, the employees' actions are not a good look. One of the technicians does a few pulls, sure, but he also decides to go pick somebody up in the customer's car to show them just how fast it is. The fact it's all captured on camera only makes it worse.

Near the end of the clip, another tech realizes he's being recorded. In the video's description, the owner added that he contacted the dealer to explain what happened, if it wasn't already aware, and was offered a refund that remains pending. We have likewise reached out to the dealership for comment, although we have yet to hear back as of publishing.

This could've been worse. In the past, dealers have crashed cars in situations like this, which causes big headaches for all involved. When you spend a bunch of money on something like a Z06 Corvette, though, it's perfectly justified to be upset about poor communication, poor service, and a careless technician taking your car for a joyride.

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