This Dating App for Car Enthusiasts Sounds Like a Terrible Idea

Image:  Leasing Options
Image: Leasing Options

Dating apps are far from new, but I started dating my now ex-wife before Tinder really took off. This meant that once I was single again, I wasn’t just trying to figure out how to date in my 30s. I also had to learn an entirely new kind of dating. And you know what? So far, it’s not that bad. Tinder, Bumble and Hinge really are all different, and depending on who you are, one will probably work better than the others. But a dating app for car enthusiasts? That just sounds awful.

In case you missed it:


A company called Leasing Options created this app and decided to very creatively call it Speed Dating. Personally, I think they should have just gone with Leasing Options because that would at least be funny. I mean, it’s destined to crash and burn right out of the gate, so why not go for something more creative than Speed Dating?

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What’s especially funny is that the press release says they developed the app specifically because a ton of people don’t like seeing cars in dating profiles. Which makes sense. Owning a car isn’t a personality trait, and you’re supposed to be advertising yourself on the apps, not advertising the things you own. It’s weird and off-putting no matter how cool your car or truck is. What doesn’t make sense is building an entire app focused on doing the thing most people don’t like.

Amazingly, the press release includes a list of reasons this app is probably a bad idea (and a few minor exceptions). Apparently, people think:

But also, while there are plenty of women who are also car enthusiasts, they’re probably doing just fine on other apps. If they’re not, I highly doubt that switching to an app full of car dudes is going to magically change their fortunes. It’s going to be like that conservative-only dating site that failed almost immediately because it was almost entirely dudes. If Speed Dating succeeds, it’ll be because it somehow accidentally became Car Grindr.

Maybe I’m being unnecessarily critical, and Speed Dating is going to be a huge success. But come on. How am I supposed to take this seriously when the press release’s list of features includes:

Don’t make a pole position joke, Collin. Don’t make a pole position joke, Collin. Don’t make a pole position joke, Collin.

If you actually are interested in getting into pole position, though, you can sign up here to be notified when the app goes live. I won’t, but maybe we should make someone else do it just to see how bad it really is. Steve? Steve sounds like a good choice for this experiment.

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