Here’s the Dating Red Flag Each Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely to Ignore

Love is the be-all, end-all of existence. As much as we enjoy hating on happy couples and cringing at cheesy romantic comedies, there’s a reason we always come back for more. No one is immune to heartbreak, so let’s discuss the dating red flag your zodiac sign is most likely to ignore, because it may just save you a whole lot of time, energy and self-esteem. After all, love can be just as exalting as it is destructive.

All 12 zodiac signs have the potential to overlook dating red flags and fall for someone that’s not good for them. Even the most charming Libra and the most attractive Taurus has pitfalls when it comes to love. That’s why astrology can be an excellent tool for understanding the nature of your desires and how they manifest in your life.

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Because our desires often lure us into dangerous territory, it’s important to get to the bottom of where your blindspots are located and where they come from. What you’re attracted to romantically is directly tied to your subconscious hopes and desires. And because we tend to overlook red flags when we’re operating from a place of fear or “lack”, your attractions can reveal more about yourself than the person you’re actually attracted to.

If you’re currently feeling hung up on someone that’s giving you the ring-around, here’s the dating red flag you may be choosing to ignore, for lack of better judgment:

The Dating Red Flag Each Zodiac Sign Ignores

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Image: Getty; Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster
Image: Getty; Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Aries: They’re Hot & Cold

Admit it, Aries: You love the chase. You may act like you’re too cool to participate in the primal mating dance of dating, but you know you’re turned on by the idea of winning someone over. Therein lies the rub, because it’s also why you have a tendency to keep chasing someone who’s giving you mixed signals. One minute, your crush seems totally ga-ga over you, and the next, they’re acting super avoidant. The push-and-pull is enough to make any passionate Aries feel hooked. This hot and cold energy starts to make you question whether you’re really the bad ass you claim to be, which means your confidence takes a nose-dive as your self-esteem depends on making this person like you back. That’s a fool’s game, Aries. You deserve better than someone who turns an innocent chase into an exhausting marathon.

Taurus: They Put You On a Pedestal

One of the keys to your heart is through gift-giving and being pampered. That’s why you love crushing on someone who’s got a lot to offer you, both romantically and materialistically. However, the problem with your attraction to status, stability and sensuality often leads you to lovers who treat relationships in a more transactional way. And because you believe a healthy relationship relies on more than a passing fancy, you may feel tempted to overlook the fact that your crush is putting you—or the relationship—on a pedestal. If you’re dating someone who’s starting to reveal that they’ve set unrealistic expectations for you, run for the hills. They might be in the process of grooming you into becoming a possession, not a partner.

Gemini: They’re Bad at Communication

If you’re a Gemini in search of a healthy relationship that won’t drive you to madness, remember: Communication is key. Despite the fact that Geminis are known for ghosting conversations and leaving people on “read” when they’re distracted, they need a lover that communicates directly and consistently. If your crush is taking days to reply to you, doesn’t seem interested in your thoughts and isn’t mature enough to put their feelings into words, I’m afraid to inform you that you’re walking straight past a glaring red flag. Resist the urge to play along with the mind games, Gemini. If your crush is passive aggressive, hard to read or just plain old stressful to talk to, you’re setting yourself up for a partnership that gives you way more questions than answers. And as much as you love a riddle to solve, what Gemini needs that?

Cancer: They Snoop & Constantly Check-In

You’re a highly sensitive and intrinsically kind zodiac sign, Cancer. That’s why you often fall into the trap of dating someone who requires a lot of reassurance. Being the compassionate, Moon-ruled zodiac sign that you are, you have no problem showing your love by reminding your partner just how much you love them as often as they need reminding. Unfortunately, this can lead you to make concessions that infringe on your privacy, such as sharing passwords, your phone history or even your location with your crush. If your crush needs to spy on you like the damn secret service, that’s nothing but a big, ol’ red flag, sweet Cancer. Take your good-natured heart and give it to someone who doesn’t make you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around them.

Image: Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster
Image: Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Leo: They Don’t Make You a Priority

When it comes to love, one thing every Leo deserves is to feel totally and utterly worshipped. So why is it that so many Leos end up with someone who makes them second fiddle? It has everything to do with the fact that a Leo doesn’t just want to shine bright; they want to prove that they shine bright too (and they’ll spend a lot of time proving their case). And if your lover is showing wishy-washy tendencies such as cancelling plans, forgetting to text back, disappearing and showing no interest in making things exclusive, they’re showing you that they’re not totally convinced. What does a Leo do when they feel brushed aside? They do everything in their power to get your attention again. Unfortunately, it’s a waste of time for a Leo to express themselves to someone who doesn’t make them a priority. Remember: You are the sun and the sun doesn’t require anyone’s approval to shine.

Virgo: They’re a “Fixer-Upper”

In order for you to feel confident in your partnership, you like knowing that you can be of use to your partner. You show much of your love through “acts of service,” because you believe that setting your lover up for success is the most romantic thing you could do for them. However, it does mean you may have a tendency to crush on people who are beneath your league! If you’re currently seeing someone who still needs to get their shit together and grow up, I’m afraid you may be falling into the trap of dating a “fixer-upper”. Although it’s sexy knowing that you can guide your partner toward greatness, mold them into shape and help them reach their potential, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment when they inevitably fail to meet the mark. Don’t fall into the trap of believing you can fix yourself by fixing someone else.

Libra: They’re Love Bombing You

Let’s face it, Libra: You love love. You live for the idea of finding your one true love and living happily ever after. You’re swooning just thinking about it! Because you’re ruled by Venus, you’re naturally geared toward romance. That’s one reason it can be hard for you to tell the difference between the early stages of a healthy budding relationship and the love bombing phase of what will eventually become a toxic one. If it feels too good to be true or your crush is coming on a little too strong, there’s a reason it’s giving you pause, Libra. Although it may be slathered in sweet words and adorable promises, love bombing is based on lies and it’s a red flag that doesn’t turn out well in the long-run. Don’t let someone tell you what you want to hear when they can’t even do what they say they’re gonna do.

Scorpio: They Don’t Share the Same Values

When your heart is set on someone, it’s hard for you to set it on anything else. Scorpio is not only romantic, but incredibly stubborn, which means they pour time and effort into the person they’re crushing on. Think: Hidden shrines and endless diary entries. JK (not really). Regardless, their loyalty to their love is one reason why Scorpio folk fall into the trap of the “sunk cost fallacy”, because they have the tendency to stay in a relationship way beyond its expiration date just because they’ve already invested so much energy into them. The moment a Scorpio senses that their crush doesn’t share the same values as them, they should consider leaving before they stay with them so long that it accidentally becomes their next longterm relationship.

 Heres the Dating Red Flag Each Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely to Ignore
Heres the Dating Red Flag Each Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely to Ignore

Sagittarius: They’re a Bad Influence

Be honest with yourself, Sagittarius. Do you feel a bit reckless when you’re around your crush? Do you feel like breaking the rules or doing things you wouldn’t normally do? Big red flag, Sagittarius! Because you’re such an adventurer at heart, nothing turns you on more than the quintessential “bad boy” or the “manic pixie dream girl” who’s gonna save you from a life of mundane normalcy. Let’s be a little less cliché here, Sag. Although your visionary and free-spirited makes you hard to tie down, it does mean that you deserve a lover who brings you back down to Earth when you require grounding. And if being with your crush is making you listen to the little devil on your shoulder far too often, you might want to take it as a warning that danger lies ahead.

Capricorn: They Never Talk About the Future

You Capricorns pride yourselves on being providers and protectors, because being able to show your crush a good time is your highest priority. However, because you can get so caught up in laying down the groundwork for a longterm relationship filled with growth and potential, you may forget to check whether your crush is truly on the same page as you. If they’re never talking about the future or where they see themselves in 10 years, that’s a major red flag for you. After all, it’s a sign that all your careful emotional investment may be misplaced in this person. Before you give your crush the world, make sure they’re actually ready to receive it before you’re left in the end with nothing.

Aquarius: They Isolate You From Others

If you’re an Aquarius, you’re a person of many contradictions. On one hand, you love being alone and feel most confident when you’re independent. On the other, you love socializing, partying and making new friends! However, because you crave a break from the limelight, you have a tendency to disappear off the face of the Earth when you’re dating someone. It also means you’re known for dating people who don’t really fit in with your friends and family, giving you an excuse to enter your own little world with them. You know this red flag all too well, because it always lands you in a lonely place when your relationship ends and you realize that being with your ex was actually isolating you from others.

Pisces: All Their Exes Are “Crazy”

Empathy is your middle name, Pisces. You have a tendency to fall for people who are deep, complex and somewhat mysterious or emotionally wounded, because you prefer your intimacy to involve healing. That’s why you often run into the trap of dating someone who’s either: A. Using you to get over their ex or B. Projecting their pain onto you. If your crush is often talking about how “crazy” their exes were and how they were the victim in every scenario, don’t fall for their crocodile tears, sweet Pisces. Because you’re so kind and open-minded, people often project their baggage onto you when you don’t deserve it. If you’re dating someone who’s extremely wounded by their prior relationships, remember these No Doubt lyrics: “I kinda always knew I’d end up your ex-girlfriend. I hope I hold a special place with the rest of them.”

Remi Bader. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster
Remi Bader. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

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