Dealer Sues Seller For Stolen Ram And Lexus

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Dealer Sues Seller For Stolen Ram And Lexus
Dealer Sues Seller For Stolen Ram And Lexus

A Vancouver car dealer, 715 Motor Haus, has filed a lawsuit against Samy N R Erian, a seller with whom they had previously conducted business, over accusations of selling stolen vehicles. The lawsuit, which is pending before the B.C. Supreme Court, states that the wholesaler purchased a 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 and a 2018 Lexus GX460 for a combined sum of $103,000.

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However, the transaction took an unexpected turn when the RCMP, along with an auctioneer, informed 715 Motor Haus that the vehicles were identified with counterfeit VINs, implying they were stolen. This disclosure came as a shock to the wholesaler, who had been assured by Erian that he was the registered owner and had clear title to the vehicles.

The legal claim asserts that Erian's actions constitute fraudulent misrepresentation and negligence, resulting in significant financial loss and potential damage to the reputation of the car wholesaler. As a result, 715 Motor Haus is not only seeking reimbursement of the $103,000 but is also demanding compensatory damages for the alleged fraud.

The lawsuit underscores the wholesaler's claim of unjust enrichment on the part of Erian, who purportedly accepted payment without being the legitimate registered owner and provided falsified information regarding the vehicles' VINs.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the allegations put forth by the wholesaler remain unproven, and Erian has yet to present a formal response to the court. The case stands as a stark reminder of the due diligence required in high-value transactions, because these things even happen to car dealerships!

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