Dealers Successfully Force The Feds To Temporarily Back Down On Banning Shady Junk Fees

Image: David Zalubowski (AP)
Image: David Zalubowski (AP)

Junk fees plague industries like hotels and airlines and end up costing consumers billions every year in add ons, “administrative fees” and other overpriced nonsense. The fees really come out of the woodwork at car dealerships, it seems. While it was enough of a problem for the federal government to take notice, things have changed in favor of dealers.

First spotted by Motor1, the Federal Trade Commission paused a ban on dealer junk fees that were originally set to take effect this summer. The ban comes after the National Automobile Dealers Association protested the move by filing a petition.

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Even though the dealers are getting what they want by interrupting implementation of the rule, the order for the postponement says that it could still take effect. So while dealers may be celebrating this result, they’re likely only delaying the inevitable.

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