Dealership Tech Crashes Customer’s Alfa Romeo Giulia

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Dealership Tech Crashes Customer’s Alfa Romeo Giulia
Dealership Tech Crashes Customer’s Alfa Romeo Giulia

Despite many dealerships trying to reassure customers it doesn’t happen, we keep seeing examples of employees joyriding in customer cars. The hotter your ride the bigger the temptation can be for a service department tech or anyone else with access to the keys to just take it for a quick, hard spin around town. It’s happened again, this time with an Alfa Romeo Giulia which crashed on top of a Porsche 911.

Watch a valet crash a customer’s dream car.

The aftermath of the crash looks like a tornado picked up the Italian sports sedan and dropped it on the Teutonic GT with plenty of broken tree limbs scattered around for a picture which is truly horrifying. According to X account Axis of Oversteer, the owner posted these imagines with the explanation “took my car in for minor repairs and it was totaled by a tech.”

While some people are worrying what the owner of the Porsche will think, it looks to us like it and the Mercedes which seems to have stopped the Giulia’s path of destruction are sitting on a display pad at a dealership. It might have been the same dealer where the Alfa Romeo was taken for repairs or a neighboring dealer, we don’t know. But it sure looks like a dealership building in the background.


Like most people we think this nonsense of dealership employees acting like entitled brats who can take your car for a joyride if they damn well please needs to stop. Not only is it unprofessional, the risk they’re taking by hot dogging it in a car they probably aren’t all that familiar with is immense.

We’ve seen fatal car accidents involving dealership employees reportedly behaving recklessly before. This seems like something dealers need to address more fully, especially since this kind of behavior doesn’t exactly instill confidence in customers that their vehicle will be treated with care.

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