Death Threats And Dropped Trousers: Lamborghini Yacht Owner’s Wild Rant After Being Turned Away From Dock

Owning one of these doesn’t give you a right to be an arse. - Image: Lamborghini
Owning one of these doesn’t give you a right to be an arse. - Image: Lamborghini

We’ve all been irritated when we miss out on a parking space, right? But have you ever been so annoyed that you started firing off death threats and pulled down your trousers? I thought not. Well, one millionaire did just that after they and their Lamborghini yacht were turned away from a private dock in San Diego.

Ajay Thakore, otherwise known as Ace Rogers, was attempting to dock their Tecnomar Lamborghini 63 yacht at a Marriott Marina in San Diego this weekend, reports local news outlet CBS8. However, when the businessman was told that this was a private dock and there wasn’t space for his $4.5 million yacht, all hell broke loose.

In video of the incident, the Lamborghini yacht is seen pulling away from the dock in San Diego while a worker, identified as Joseph Holt, stands on. A man on the rear of the boat is then seen unleashing all their fury, as CBS8 reports:


The video showed Rogers standing on the end of his yacht a few feet away from Holt who is standing on the dock. Rogers’ screams echo through the marina.

Rogers is heard on the video shouting, “I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you.”

Holt said Rogers got out his wallet and continued his vicious tirade toward him as he threw $100 bills at him and into the water.

“I’m a minimum wage worker, he was commenting on that, on my status just because of my job. He was saying I’m nobody, I’m nothing, I work a silly job. He said that he knows people, he has connections, he can change my life and ruin it,” Holt said.

The outburst is ridiculous, and despite Rogers’ actions, the dock worker does manage to keep things surprisingly cool throughout the whole altercation. But his calm demeanor finally breaks when the trousers are dropped; at that point he rightfully flips Rogers the bird.

After the video began circulating on social media, Rogers was forced into an apology for his actions, releasing a statement that was shared by CBS news:

“The interaction that occurred yesterday was regrettable. What started as a minor misunderstanding escalated into an argument, and I apologize for my actions and to those who witnessed the unfortunate exchange.”

Police were called to the marina following Rogers’ outburst. However, they reportedly arrived on the scene after he had jetted out of there, leaving them just to take statements from onlookers.

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