Deer Flies Directly Into Pickup As Its Prospective Buyer Arrives

Gif: Fox 29 Philadelphia on YouTube
Gif: Fox 29 Philadelphia on YouTube

No square inch of the Northeast is safe from deer, as video out of New Jersey shows. A deer, tearing through the suburbs, managed to leap over a Pontiac Vibe and Honda CR-V before landing on the bedside of a 2007 Chevy Silverado — just as a prospective buyer arrived to check out the truck’s condition. NBC 10 Philadelphia has the story:

Vaughan was prepared to sell a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado in mint condition for $9,400. Yet just as the buyer pulled up in Vaughan’s driveway in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, a rude entrance from a deer altered the deal.

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Vaughan told NBC10 he’s not sure if the deer was injured. The dent the deer made caused Vaughan to lower the price of the pickup truck to $8,500.

I can tell Vaughan, with no doubt in my heart, that the deer is not injured. It’s fine. It’s probably still running at full tilt through backroads and highways, destroying cars and spreading ticks with reckless abandon. Evil, evil creatures these deer are — and, apparently, they fly now. Is nowhere safe?

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