Delaware Man Arrested For Cybertruck Theft

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Delaware Man Arrested For Cybertruck Theft
Delaware Man Arrested For Cybertruck Theft

It had to happen sooner or later – a Tesla Cybertruck has reportedly been stolen and recovered in Delaware. The guy accused of the crime doesn’t exactly look like your typical hardened criminal but instead has a vibe similar to your average Eddie Bauer clerk. But we guess it’s an odd crime for an odd truck, so it’s fitting.

This is what a Cybertruck looks like after a rollover.

According to a press release from Delaware State Police, troopers received a call on May 18 at around 8:10 am about a Tesla Cybertruck being stolen from a residence in Lincoln. The victim didn’t know who took the geometrically challenged all-electric pickup, so troopers started an investigation.


Fortunately, our flannel-wearing suspect didn’t disable the Cybertruck’s GPS, so it was still sending a signal. That made it easy for troopers to track the vehicle down, finding it on a dirt path off a road. We’re guessing the guy thought he could hide, probably not even realizing the Tesla could be tracked.

As troopers approached, the suspect apparently thought going Beast Mode was wise, because he tore out of there, troopers trailing behind with lights and sirens going. But the pursuit was short-lived. We’re guessing the guy drained the battery, since really punching it like that can zap it rapidly.

The alleged Cybertruck thief, 41-year-old Cory Cohee of Milford, reportedly surrendered without a fight. Now he’s facing two felony charges for theft of a motor vehicle and disregarding a police officer signal, plus charges for criminal trespass and failure to have license in possession.

Our biggest question is why? We know some people are going wild trying to get their own Cybertruck, but is it really worth stealing? Was this guy taking it to a chop shop or did he have a buyer? Or was he planning on just rolling around town in a stolen industrial fridge, like nobody would notice?

Even though this is probably the first Cybertruck theft case, we just know there are going to be more. And hopefully they’re at least hilarious.

Images via Tesla, Delaware State Police

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