Denim With That Perfect Lived in Vintage Effect

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frances valentine casey jean review
Denim With that Perfect Lived in Vintage EffectFrances Valentine

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In terms of shopping, there are few experiences that I find more frustrating than trying on jeans. I find the process overwhelming and dissatisfying—and as a result I avoid it at all costs. If I'm looking for that very specific fit of jeans (you know the one, low slung and slouchy, but not overly baggy), well it is almost always a lost cause. Until I, by chance, got myself a pair of the Frances Valentine Casey 5-Pocket Jean.

About a month or so ago, I was gifted a pair of the jeans, and while deciding, I read a few of the reviews and chose to go a size up; not because I was going for the slouchy, effortless vibe, but because the reviews say they run small! I thought they would fit mid rise and with a semi-rigid fit through the straight leg, but much to my surprise, they wore in for with some give.

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Casey 5 Pocket Jean


I'd venture to guess that if you ordered this pair of denim true to size, it would have that kind of classic '50s fit (bonus if you wear cuffs), but I think the secret is to go by the measurements listed on the site. But for me, one size up was just the ticket to that easy-lived-in-vintage jean look that had evaded me up until this point.

It's important to not discount how good the shade of navy this denim wash is. Not too blue, nor too faded and grey, it has that retro feel but not in a 'will bleed all over your couch' kind of way. I also love the "xo" detail on the back pocket, which I would be remiss not to note is also on their striped long sleeve tee, which I am, true to form, also obsessed with. It's just cute! I also love the mid-rise, because even though I sized up, they don't hang too low on the waist. The best of both worlds really. And despite the slightly looser fit, I didn't need to get these pants hemmed—that's a major plus in my book.

I love these so much I am toying with the idea of a pair in my normal size in the white color way just for summer. Memorial day is quickly approaching after all.

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