This is What Dennis Collins Dubs an 'Astounding' Custom Porsche

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Dennis Collins dives into the intoxicating world of custom Porsches in his recent video.

We're not talking about run-of-the-mill custom jobs; oh no, these 911s are scribed by the legendary Japanese craftsman, Akira Nakai, the maestro behind the RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF, or RWB label. If you're a Porsche aficionado with even a smidgen of appreciation for RWB, brace yourself—you're about to enter vehicular Valhalla.

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Stationed in an expansive facility helmed by Stuart Singer, a long-time comrade in the world of automotives, Collins takes us on a rapturous journey. First off, your eyes get to feast on the mythical Pandora One Porsche 911, a vehicle so exceptional it could have been sculpted by the gods of car tuning themselves. Adorned in a lustrous deep blue paint that might as well have been extracted from the ocean depths, the car flaunts bronze-toned wheels. And let's not bypass the pièce de résistance—the illuminated RWB lettering on its monumental duck-tail spoiler, thanks to the creative touch of Singer's shop.


Resting beside this magnificent beast is a Porsche wearing a coat of seafoam green so compelling it's like looking into the soul of the ocean. Granted, the camera only teases us with a fleeting look, but that's enough to notice the hacked-off rear fenders and the audacious absence of a rear bumper. It's like catching a glimpse of a mythical creature—here one moment and gone the next.

Now, purists might recoil at the idea of snipping and slicing their beloved 911s, and Singer himself acknowledges the division in the Porsche realm over these RWB modifications. But hold on to your skepticism until you witness Nakai—or Nakai-san, as revered by his cult following—wield his magic. Watching him sit cross-legged on the floor, an artisan adding the final brushstrokes to his canvas, you understand that this isn't just another custom job. This is automotive artistry.

It's almost poetic how Nakai transitioned from racing circuits in Japan to metamorphosing these German stallions. Once a motorsport competitor, Nakai found his true calling in car tuning, dabbling initially with substantial overhauls on the Toyota Corolla AE86 before getting seduced by the allure of Porsche 911s, specifically the 930, 964, and 993 models. The intricacies in these RWB Porsches are nothing short of magnificent, vindicating Dennis Collins' verdict of "incredible" as a humble understatement.

But wait, there’s more. Lest we forget, the video also indulges us with a behind-the-scenes look at Collins' Ferrari Testarossa, undergoing a metamorphosis of its own at Singer's shop. From chassis stripping to bumper restoration and full-blown A/C revival—requiring the removal of both engine and dashboard—Collins offers viewers an intimate look at what it takes to breathe new life into an iconic 1980s Italian supercar. And with an average sale price around $150,000, owning such a masterpiece is not just a dream but an attainable reality for some.

So, whether you're a Porsche devotee or a fan of Italian flair, this video gives you an all-access pass to the sublime world of automotive marvels. Dennis Collins offers more than just a video; it's an invitation into a realm where engineering transcends into art. And trust us, you won't want to leave.

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