Detroit Startup Lets the E-Transit Live Its Dreams as an EV Camper

A photo of a green Ford E-Transit electric van.
A photo of a green Ford E-Transit electric van.

The Ford E-Transit: becoming what it always dreamed it could be.

Everything’s electric these days, from toothbrushes to bikes you can find a battery pack in almost anything. But while cars have gradually been moving in this way as well, one area of transport that has been slower on the electric uptick is the world of camper vans. Now, a startup in Detroit is preparing to launch an EV RV based on Ford’s all-electric E-Transit.

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Called Grounded RVs, the electric camper is hoping to be the first of its kind to market, after companies like Winnebago and Nissan unveiled concept vehicles of their own. However, while those creations were merely test beds for future ideas, Grounded RVs says this model will hit the showroom floor by the end of this year.

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So, when it does make it into reality, what can you expect from an all-electric camper like this?

A photo of the wooden interior of the electric camper.
A photo of the wooden interior of the electric camper.

Minimalist vibes.

Well, starting with the good stuff, you get a lovely minimalist interior. Grounded uses a modular design for its interior details, and it incorporates a kitchen with a refrigerator, sink and stove, a queen-sized bed, and bench seating, which can also double up as an extra sleeping area.

That living space can also be customized to your needs, and Grounded showcases various layouts that include two single beds rather than a queen, or elongated bench seating to fit more passengers. Really, the world is your lobster here.

When it comes to space to store all your camping stuff, the Grounded RV has that in bucket loads. At the back of the van, there’s “garage” storage that fills the area underneath the bed, up front you’ll find ample overhead storage.

The electric camper can also be specced with an outdoor shower and a dry-flush toilet.

A photo of the kitchen inside the electric camper.
A photo of the kitchen inside the electric camper.

Stoves and sinks and beds, oh my!

That all sounds very neat, but also surprisingly similar to most other camper vans that you’ll find on the market today. The main differences obviously arise when you look underneath. As it’s based on Ford’s E-Transit, the electric RV has a single-speed transmission that’s connected to a rear-wheel-drive electric motor.

All this is powered by Ford’s standard 68kWh battery pack, which Grounded says will give you 108 miles of range per charge. When you need to top that battery back up, Ford says the E-Transit will take 12 hours to top up on a 240V outlet, or you can add 15 miles of range every hour using a Level 2 charging port.

All this does mean that taking a long road trip in this van is going to take you a while. But, at least you won’t have to worry about the on-board appliances hitting your range, as the electric camper has secondary batteries onboard to power things like the fridge, stove, and lighting. There are also solar panels on the roof of the van to power these things when you head off-grid.

A photo of the rear storage space in the electric RV.
A photo of the rear storage space in the electric RV.

If you aren’t put off by the range, then the Grounded RV is available to order now. The company hopes to begin delivering its vans later this year and is accepting reservations on its site with a $100 refundable deposit. When it comes time to pay off the balance, expect the van to set you back $125,000, or $2,300 per month as part of its subscription offering.

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