'Diablo IV' beta preview: More polished and even more satisfying

And ready to suck up your weekends.

Blizzard Entertainment

Later today, Blizzard will open the gates to Diablo IV's long-awaited open beta, allowing anyone to play the action RPG before its June 6th release date. I had a chance to check out the beta during the early access window the studio offered last weekend and came away more excited than ever to play the final game. Nearly three months from release, there's a lot to like about Diablo IV. Combat is fun and impactful, and the game gives you a lot of freedom to play your character the way you want to play them. Add to that a compelling world with top-notch art direction and sound design, and you have what could be the best Diablo game yet. Still, there's more work Blizzard could do around the user interface, and some dungeons could use more variety.

If you're jumping into the beta today, Blizzard has said players should be ready for lengthy queue times, particularly on Friday afternoon. Long login times and disconnects were an issue on the first day of the early access weekend, but Blizzard eventually addressed those technical hiccups.