Did This Arkansas Trooper Go A Little Too Hard?

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Did This Arkansas Trooper Go A Little Too Hard?
Did This Arkansas Trooper Go A Little Too Hard?

Arkansas State Police have quite the reputation. Some find their tactics for chasing down anyone fleeing from them, be they speeders or wanted felons, as a little too aggressive. However, other people appreciate the law and order they bring to the state. This example of a trooper running into a fleeing Chevy Camaro is probably going to be interpreted very differently by those two camps.

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The reason ASP is chasing the Camaro is that the driver is allegedly clocked exceeding the speed limit and refuses to pull over. Instead, the driver pushes the muscle car to over 140 mph while fleeing troopers. Usually, someone doesn’t go that fast just because they want to avoid a speeding ticket and that’s all.


Troopers try staying on this guy’s tail, as tall of an order as that is, but it’s something ASP trains for so they’re definitely qualified. However, the trooper in the second cruiser sounds like he’s having a kitty as the chase enters some traffic on the highway. That’s right before the suspect exits and tries whipping through a sweeping turn onto an overpass, where he wrecks out.

Coming out of the turn and onto the overpass, the second trooper comes in hot at 75 mph. Considering there’s dust and smoke in the air, indicating a crash, that’s way too fast. The other trooper also calls out the crash over the radio. For someone who sounded concerned about pursuing through fairly heavy traffic, it seems odd the second trooper is ripping through the turn like that.

His speed gives the trooper little time to react, at least that’s the kind explanation for why he almost hit the stopped cruiser and rammed the nose of the Camaro with his push bar. He even almost hit the other trooper’s door as that opened.

The guy in the Camaro was busy finally complying and getting out, but when the second trooper hits his car the suspect rolls out of the open door and somehow doesn’t get run over by his Camaro or the trooper.

Ultimately, troopers find the kid ran because he had four unopened 12 oz. beers in a gym bag and he’s a minor. But now the Camaro is wrecked and the trooper’s cruiser has some damage. So did this trooper get a little overly excited and go too hard?

Watch the two videos, one from the trooper who made impact and one from the lead trooper, then decide for yourself.

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