We Didn't Think We Had to Tell You This, But Don't Use a Rusty Trailer as Your Rear Wheels

Photo credit: Screenshot: Luis Gonzalez on Facebook
Photo credit: Screenshot: Luis Gonzalez on Facebook

Perhaps the most dangerous effect of the internet is that we are all painfully aware of the problems going on throughout the world. We see videos of human tragedies on other continents and hear in detail about every war. And, maybe worst of all, it has a tendency to amplify the worst ideas you've ever heard.

I'll put this video from Luis Gonzalez into that latter category. It shows a Skoda that has rear-end damage driving in an unknown country with its rear wheels strapped to a rusty, backward-facing trailer attached to nothing. This, as one look at the bouncy Skoda will convince you, is a bad idea.

The car appears to be attached to the trailer with gravity and a few straps, leaving a lot of room for issues. The straps don't look particularly tight, which means a pothole or debris could easily knock the Skoda loose from its trailer, Then you'd have a swinging, rusty pendulum behind a car that now has three wheels on the ground, one of which is likely broken in a way that necessitated the trailer in the first place.

We understand that sometimes you have to nurse a car home, but, please, never drag a lazily attached trailer backward. With nothing attached to the long, pointy, unsupported end, there are a lot of ways for that to go wrong.

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