Discord updates its bot with ChatGPT-like features, rolls out AI-generated conversation summaries and more

Discord is the latest company to get in on the AI frenzy. The company announced today that it's launching a set of new AI experiences to a number of servers.

Most notably, Discord is updating its Clyde bot with OpenAI ChatGPT technology that will allow users to have extended conversations with the bot. You can type @Clyde in a server to chat with Clyde in any channel. You also can ask Clyde to start a thread for a group of your friends to hang out. Discord notes that Clyde can recommend playlists, and access GIFs and emojis like any Discord user.

"Throughout Discord, you may already see Clyde responding to slash commands or DMing you if you’ve made an error," Discord said in a blog post. "And next week, Clyde is coming to (artificially intelligent) life, natively within Discord, using OpenAI technology."

You can ask Clyde to do things like send you a gif or share five interesting facts about cats. The company is testing and iterating the product and believes that it will become a fundamental part of the Discord experience.

Discord's new updated Clyde bot
Discord's new updated Clyde bot

Image Credits: Discord


Discord is also updating its AutoMod moderation tool to harness the power of large language models. AutoMod now uses OpenAI technology to find and alert moderators whenever server rules may have been broken, while being aware of the context of a conversation. The AutoMod AI experiment begins in a limited number of servers today. 

The company says that since introducing AutoMod last year, the tool has automatically blocked more than 45 million unwanted messages from servers before they even had a chance to be posted based on server rules.