DJ Khaled Buys A Ferrari Formula One Racecar For His Kids

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DJ Khaled Buys A Ferrari Formula One Racecar For His Kids
DJ Khaled Buys A Ferrari Formula One Racecar For His Kids

Ultra-rich DJ and music producer DJ Khaled is constantly flexing his financial muscles, but one of his latest moves has floored quite a few people otherwise used to his behavior. The man took to Instagram to share a video of his two young sons posing with a Ferrari Formula One racecar, which he apparently bought for them.

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While some have their doubts about the authenticity of the racecar his sons were posing next to and playing on in the video, others believe it’s the real deal. The details certainly look authentic, including the Scuderia Ferrari shield and other livery.


Both of his young sons are wearing Ferrari F1 race shirts as well, just for good measure. DJ Khaled says, “we’re not playing over here.”

Considering how controlling Ferrari is about the depiction of its products and insignias, we doubt this is some really good knock-off. The powers that be in Maranello would have already been on this and the video would be gone.

At the same time, it’s possible the F1 racecar doesn’t belong to DJ Khaled but he had access to it somewhere and decided to make a cool video with his sons. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the man says in the video that “my sons got their racecar, a real Ferrari F1.” So he’s obviously claiming that it’s his and he gave it to his sons.

There’s also the possibility that it’s a rolling chassis without an engine. If that’s true, which is likely, this is still a huge flex. After all, how many people can say they own a modern F1 car rolling chassis? That’s crazy and we can see why DJ Khaled wants to brag and show the thing off.

Check the video out for yourself.

Image via djkhaled/Instagram