Dodge Challenger Burns In Miami Beach Riots

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It’s spring break gone wild down there…

A white Dodge Challenger was filmed on fire in Miami Beach, Florida on the night of March 21, helping to illustrate how bad the riots there have become. While some might be trying to spin the incidents in the popular spring break destination as just harmless fun, the senseless torching of the Mopar clearly shows the wanton violence.

See what rioters did to a Porsche 911 GT3 RS here.

In the video, which was posted to Twitter by multiple accounts, a group of people watch from the other side of the street while the muscle car burns. While the flames were located in the rear of the car where the gas tank is located, the front still looked relatively intact. One of the people off-camera nervously exclaims that the Dodge is going to suddenly explode and burn/kill them all. Obviously, the guy has watched way too many action movies where all cars are loaded with a few sticks of dynamite for dramatic effect.

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Photos captured by people in the area before the fire was started captured to scantily-clad women dancing on top of the Challenger. Our running theory is after seeing this display of debauchery, the owner couldn’t stand to let his car exist anymore and so was forced to destroy it. Also, that’s a joke, fact checkers.

image credit: Twitter
image credit: Twitter

Other vehicles have been trashed by the throngs of spring breaker revelers who have turned the party into a full-scale riot. They’ve also damaged buildings and other property, engaged in fights, and at least one victim was drugged and raped, then later died after being left by her attackers. In short, the situation in Miami Beach has been completely out of control.

As for the Dodge Challenger, it was removed from the street after the fire was put out, only some ash remained along with a broken manhole cover where it was the previous night. The city has been cracking down on the lawlessness in Miami Beach, shutting down roads at night, instituting a curfew, and sweeping the streets of pedestrians. However, as you can see these efforts have had mixed results.

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