Dodge Challenger Crashes On Interstate, Splits Another Car In Half

Dodge Challenger Crashes On Interstate, Splits Another Car In Half
Dodge Challenger Crashes On Interstate, Splits Another Car In Half

The porky muscle car does it again.

A serious accident unfolded in Michigan on eastbound I-696 near Groesbeck after a Dodge Challenger struck a Chevy Equinox that had already been in a collision. Unfortunately, everyone in the Mopar muscle car, which cut the Chevy in half on impact, went to the hospital and are bad off.

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Witnesses told Michigan State Police that the Challenger was traveling in excess of 100 mph when it hit the Equinox, which was sitting in the middle of the interstate after colliding with a Dodge Caliber just before 2 am on August 27. The Chevy driver had gone to the side of the road to check on the Caliber driver, a move which might have saved that driver’s life.

Not only did the Equinox get torn in half, the impact sparked a fire that engulfed sections of both vehicles. That’s never a good situation, setting aside the high-speed crash. We don’t know if anyone was burned in the aftermath, but MSP did say the driver of the Challenger, a 19-year-old male, injured his head.


Worse, the front passenger in the Challenger sustained chest injuries and is in critical condition. The rear passenger sustained “rib injuries” and is in serious condition.

It sounds like the Equinox driver wasn’t injured at all. The driver of the Caliber suffered a minor chin injury. If only the people in the other Mopar had fared so well.

An MSP spokesman stressed the speed factor in this crash. It’s true that your reaction time has to be far better if you’re blasting down the freeway at over 100 mph and there’s an obstacle suddenly in your way. Kids, and a 19-year-old is still developing cognitively, often greatly overestimate their driving skills. This is why we’d be hesitant to hand the keys of a higher-powered vehicle to one.

Since the Challenger was blown apart and burned, we can’t tell if this was a V6 of had the Hemi, let alone what model it was. Whatever the case, the kid who was driving and his passengers could pay dearly for this collision.