Dodge Challenger Slams Into A Tractor-Trailer

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Dodge Challenger Slams Into A Tractor-Trailer
Dodge Challenger Slams Into A Tractor-Trailer

Despite the underride guards or Mansfield bars on the back of commercial trucks and trailers, sometimes cars ride low enough or are going so fast they’re rendered ineffective. We can’t say if either was the case with this fatal crash between a Dodge Challenger and tractor-trailer in Marion County, Florida.

Be careful when stopping to help people in crashed cars.

As you can see by photos taken by Marion County Fire Rescue, the aftermath of the crash wasn’t pretty. It’s not clear if the semi that was hauling a pair of pontoon boats on its trailer was in a lane of travel or sitting on the shoulder at the time of impact, only that once first responders arrived it was on the side of the road.

Image via Marion County Fire Rescue
Image via Marion County Fire Rescue

The impact looks to have peeled the Mopar’s roof all the way to the rear seats. Unsurprisingly, the driver didn’t survive. Firefighters weren’t sure if anyone else was inside the Dodge. Only once they were able to lift the trailer up and drag the muscle car out could they confirm no passengers were involved.


Florida Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation of this fatal crash, which happened on the afternoon of June 30. For now we don’t have many details.

What we do know is everyone, whether they’re in a muscle car which sits lower to the ground or a full-size pickup truck, needs to treat commercial trucks with extreme caution. Weighing many times more than the heaviest passenger vehicles, with large blind spots, and requiring long distances to stop, giving semi-trucks a large berth is always advisable.

People are out having fun in the summertime, often throwing caution to the wind as they enjoy their performance cars. We get why, but you need to stay vigilant on the road even when you’re having fun.

Images via Marion County Fire Rescue

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