Dodge Charger Driver Brake Checks, Shoots At Other Driver

We think anger management might be necessary.

It seems like a lot of people are ragefully angry all the time these days. That really comes to the surface when you’re on the road, with other drivers oftentimes flying out of control because you or someone else didn’t do things exactly as they would’ve liked. That sounds like the situation in Royal Oak, Michigan where a Dodge Charger driver brake checked someone else, then shot at them while traveling down Interstate 75.

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As reported by Fox2 Detroit, Michigan State Police have been investigating after the other driver called to report the incident. The victim said they were in the center lane of I-75 going about 60 mph near 14 Mile when the other driver started getting “combative” and brake checked them.


If you’re not aware, brake checking is where you tap or even slam on your brakes, causing the person behind you to have to also hit their brakes in a hurry. In many areas it’s illegal and can come with a range of penalties.

The witness said the older Dodge Charger, which reportedly might have been a Dodge Avenger (they look so different, we don’t know how anyone could mix them up) ended up next to them on the road. We know from experience after someone brake checks you or does anything else really aggressive, the worst thing you can do is pull up next to them or let them pull up next to you.

With the vehicles next to each other, that’s when the other driver produced a gun and fired off a round. The two cars continued driving, we assume not next to each other. The victim didn’t get the license plate of the Dodge Charger (or Avenger?) and the bullet didn’t strike their vehicle.

We can’t imagine police have much to investigate in this case, unless a witness comes forward or someone has dashcam footage of it. But this incident is a great reminder that if someone does start road raging at you, the best thing you can do is back off and give them plenty of space in an effort to de-escalate things.

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