Dodge Charger Hit And Run Kills Groom

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This is absolutely tragic…

Christopher and Mary Moore Coffey of White Pine, Tennessee had just been married on September 12 and were driving on I-95 in Florida on the way to their honeymoon when a white Dodge Charger slammed into the back of their car. Both the bride and groom were hurt, but Christopher was so badly injured he was put on life support. The Mopar driver sped off instead of trying to help the newlyweds.

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Witnesses describe the Dodge Charger as being a newer model year. It’s white with a black rear spoiler. It has damage to the front of the vehicle on the passenger side. Unfortunately, that’s all the information we have.

According to police, the Charger was speeding to the point that when it hit the couple’s truck it cause it to flip end-over-end several times before it finally came to rest. We’re not sure just what kind of truck the Coffeys were in, Christopher’s sister said it was “huge” and that it flipped around 10 times. Then the truck hit a pole. The accident sounds absolutely horrific, so we’re not sure how someone could just drive off after that.

On the morning of September 18, Christopher’s family took him off life support and he slipped away. The situation is incredibly tragic, especially considering the person responsible for his death just drove off. Mary has set up a Go Fund Me campaign to cover expenses.

While Mary was also hurt in the crash, her injuries weren’t life-threatening. She stayed in the hospital by her new husband’s side until he finally died. It was a time when they were supposed to be on a relaxing cruise, but instead life was turned completely upside down.

Florida State Troopers are on the hunt for the Dodge Charger driver. They’re asking that anyone who has information about the crash contact them at 407-737-22200 or Crime Stoppers at 800-423-TIPS.

Sources: WKRN, Fox 35 Orlando

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