Dodge Charger Literally Burns Rubber In Wild Florida Chase

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Dodge Charger Literally Burns Rubber In Wild Florida Chase
Dodge Charger Literally Burns Rubber In Wild Florida Chase

Florida is a place that, like its mirror image of California, seems to have all kinds of crazy residents. Case in point is this Florida man driving a Dodge Charger who first blows through a red light, then slowly ambles through a parking lot with a trooper behind him, finally burning rubber in a high-octane chase through city streets.

Watch Florida troopers chase down a murder suspect in a wild chase.

This went down in Lee County back in September with the footage recently shared and it sure doesn’t disappoint. Early in the chase, the Mopar looks to have either spun out or the driver hit the e-brake and went for style points, spraying the Florida Highway Patrol car with rubber bits as he took off down a side road.

Then the trooper almost smashes into the back end of the Charger as the suspect slows way down to make a sudden right turn. Making a quick recovery from running onto a lawn, the trooper is able to angle back onto the road.


For reasons we can’t explain, the suspect just pulls into a driveway and stops. Is that where he lives? Does he think this is a game of tag and if he touches “home” he’s safe? Or is he just so drunk he doesn’t know what he’s doing? All three could be possible, with maybe even a little more going on because this is Florida.

Not shockingly, the driver turns out to be a bossy Karen who knows how to do the trooper’s job better than the trooper does. We’ve noticed this overwhelming sense of entitlement among many criminals and it can’t be a coincidence. It’s like instead of taking responsibility for their actions they tell everyone else how wrong they are about the smallest, nit-pickiest of things.

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