Dodge Charger Rolls In The Hay After Police PIT

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Dodge Charger Rolls In The Hay After Police PIT  
Dodge Charger Rolls In The Hay After Police PIT

Most people spend time with their family and take it easy on Christmas, but it’s because of people like this Dodge Charger driver police don’t always enjoy that privilege. Back on Christmas night, this Florida Highway Patrol trooper spotted the Mopar four-door muscle car blasting down a highway in Lee County and gave chase. The end result was probably more fantastically than either party could’ve anticipated.

Watch another Dodge Charger driver try running from Florida Highway Patrol.

This suspect first does the little fake-out move, acting like he was pulling over and stopping but blasting away once the trooper pulls onto the grassy shoulder. That gives him a little bit of an edge, plus he’s driving a faster car. Really, this should be no contest.


At first it seems apparent the suspect will get away, his distinct taillights disappearing into the night. But a traffic slowdown provides a way for the trooper to catch up. That’s when the fleeing suspect decides to swerve onto the median and back onto the road in a move that’s almost Hollywood magic. Then he basically disappears again.

Inexplicably, the suspect slows his Charger down big time going through a slight curve. It doesn’t make sense, unless he’s intoxicated. That’s about the only logical reason we can think of. And that’s all the trooper needs to execute a beautiful PIT maneuver, sending the Mopar onto the shoulder, rolling repeatedly. It’s a dramatic end to the short but eventful chase.

We have to mention that even with hardly anyone on the highway, Floridians still seem able to drive side-by-side and not move over when an emergency vehicle approaches with both lights and sirens going. This seems to be quite the problem in the Sunshine State.

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