Dodge Dealership Robbed In Front Of Police

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They returned to the crime scene of the first stolen car…

Welcome to being a Dodge owner, get ready for the fast paced fun, sick burnouts, and screaming supercharger under the hood. It comes with many benefits including a great looking exterior and not to mention the oops… Looks like your car has been stolen. Ah yes, the common reality so many face With Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles. We’ve all heard the stories of cars being taken off the lot or stolen from innocent drivers but recently a story has come out which emboldens two of the major aspects of why these cars get stolen so often.


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First of all, it all started at the Zimmer, Chrysler Ram, Jeep, and Dodge dealership, what a catchy name. It just so happened that there was an officer of the law hanging around at the time who happened to notice some suspicious activity going on when thieves broke into the building attempting to steal some sporty automobiles. Eventually being chased off by the cops, those thieves were not exactly content with their failure, despite having successfully run from the police. In fact, they immediately tried, and failed, to steal another Dodge sitting in a nearby driveway.

Eventually, they were able to take possession of a Challenger from another parking lot and then came back, using a stolen key fob, to steal another Challenger that was sitting on the lot. The crazy thing about it is that the cops were inside the building when all of this was going down doing an active investigation. So what we have here is both the boldness of car thieves and incompetence of police put on full display combining to make the perfect crime. Add on top of that how easy dodges are to steal can you have yourself a recipe for a lot of stolen vehicles.

Source: WLWT

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