Dodge Demon And C7 Z06 Corvette Throw Down In No-Prep Drag Race

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Dodge Demon And C7 Z06 Corvette Throw Down In No-Prep Drag Race
Dodge Demon And C7 Z06 Corvette Throw Down In No-Prep Drag Race

The Mopar vs Chevy debate has been going on for longer than most of us have been alive. For a rivalry that predates WWII, it’s epic and probably will never end. That helps load in plenty of emotion for this drag racing faceoff between a Dodge Challenger Demon and a C7 Corvette Z06.

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan loves his Hellcat.

This promises to be an interesting matchup. After all, the Demon was built from the factory for drag racing, while the Z06 is a little more versatile but still more than capable on a strip. People are heavily emotionally invested in both rides, with plenty of arguing in the comments section. This is the kind of stuff true rivalries are made of.


The Demon is bone stock, including the tires, or so the owner claims. Sure, it’s wearing some interesting custom graphics, but that’s apparently the only mod from the factory spec. The owner obviously feels what Dodge engineered is good enough to throw down with the likes of a C7 Z06, but is he right?

As for the Corvette, well it’s not entirely stock. The sports car hasn’t been severely modified, or so claims the owner. He only lists off an aftermarket cam and a ported blower as the powertrain mods. Oh and it runs on methanol. Supposedly, it’s making around 900-whp versus the Demon’s claimed 1,000 (which isn’t the stock figure, so whatever).

Plus, there’s a parachute attached to the rear of the ‘Vette. Yep, bone stock.

You can see the C7 Z06 is not running the stock wheels and tires, skinnies up front and some fat ones in the rear, which honestly is a big deal.

But which is the faster car? Is the Mopar going to roll off victorious or will the Corvette take the cake? Watch the video, see the controversial parts, and find out.

Image via Hoonigan/YouTube