Dodge Hellcat Proves You Can In Fact Outrun A Police Helicopter

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Dodge Hellcat Proves You Can In Fact Outrun A Police Helicopter
Dodge Hellcat Proves You Can In Fact Outrun A Police Helicopter

And so much for radios being faster!

The old saying is you might be able to outrun the cops, but you can’t outrun a radio. Some people also insert you can’t outrun a police helicopter. But one Texas man in a stolen Dodge Challenger Hellcat proved that old saying is a heap of horse crap because he outran both!

Watch an Arkansas State Patrol trooper get the closest yet to the infamous Blackout Charger here.

In one of the largest suburban sprawls in the United States, Houston to be specific, 25-year-old Mohmed Ahmed Abu-Shlieba gave us evidence that in the right hands, a Hellcat can give multiple law enforcement agencies hell and outrun everything they throw at it.

After identifying the white Hellcat was in fact stolen, the Houston Police Department gave chase, but their slow cruisers were like kittens trying to play with a fierce feline. According to local station ABC 13, at one point Abu-Shlieba did a U-turn and blasted past officers who were waiting for him, absolutely humiliating law enforcement in the process.


As he sped down I-10 more law enforcement agencies jumped into the pursuit, but nobody could get near the guy as he pressed the pedal to the metal. Repeatedly, he cut things close as he took to the shoulder to get around slower vehicles as traffic built.

After a while, the news helicopter guy in the pursuit video says the police lost the Hellcat, including the mighty police chopper, while the news helicopter’s obviously superior camera zoom was the only thing able to keep up with the speeding Mopar muscle car. You have to hand it to the Hellcat driver for his ability to cut through rush hour traffic in Houston!

Abu-Shlieba led law enforcement on a chase that ended two counties away when the Hellcat drained its fuel tank. Instead of finding a gas station and continuing the chase, the guy decided to ditch the muscle car and try hiding in a stand of trees by a pasture. The problem is he forgot to bring his thermal camouflage blankie, so spotting his hiding spot was easy for the police helicopter once it finally caught up.

Ultimately, Abu-Shlieba pled guilty to evading arrest and was sentenced to three years in prison. While he got away for a little bit, proving that police radios and even helicopters aren’t invincible, we don’t recommend anyone try to replicate what he did or you might be getting three square meals, a private room with stainless steel appliances, and a building with secure access for three years or so.

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