Dodge Ram Gets Wrecked By Arkansas Police

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Dodge Ram Gets Wrecked By Arkansas Police
Dodge Ram Gets Wrecked By Arkansas Police

At some point, we’ve all been minding our own business when a Dodge Ram has come out of nowhere, tailgated us, and pretty much tried running us off the road. Even though they’re good trucks, Rams have a certain reputation because of these sorts of overly aggressive drivers, so seeing one get absolutely wrecked by an Arkansas trooper is in a way cathartic.

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The trooper joins into an already active chase with a suspect who obviously is willing to do whatever to get away. You can see the patrol car is one of Arkansas State Police’s “low profile” Dodge Chargers in red. Sometimes these catch people off guard, but the Ram driver seems to figure out early on it’s just another cop.

This suspect drives like a real dirtbag, swerving around other cars and even blasting past school buses, including at least one that had its stop sign deployed. He could’ve hit and killed a group of kids, but the Ram driver doesn’t seem to care one bit. What a peach.

He also goes over 100 mph as it’s raining. That’s really not a great idea when you have a vehicle that features such a high center of gravity. Even with the best tires available for such a truck, going that fast and weaving around is just asking for trouble. How he doesn’t lose control and spin out is a mystery.

Instead, the trooper waits until this schmuck is out away from other vehicles, then performs a very risky but what we argue is a very necessary PIT at over 100 mph. While that does the trick and sends the Ram careening off the road, it also puts the police Charger into a spin. As it hits the soft, grassy shoulder the patrol car rolls and comes to rest on its roof. Thankfully, the trooper wasn’t hurt. We don’t really care if the suspect was since he was the one who decided running in the rain, blasting past school buses was a good idea.

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