Dodge Teases Us For The Last Time

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What does it all mean?

A leprechaun jackhammers away at some golden balls in Dodge’s final Last Call teaser video as people debate what it all means. We get a glimpse of the digital readout on the jackhammer, which says “2538 PSI.” Is that referring to boost pressure? Fuel injection pressure? Maximum cylinder pressure? Is there a decimal point that’s supposed to be in that number somewhere? There are so many questions.

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Fortunately, all will be revealed next week. Dodge sure has been building up this final Last Call model after the others have been okay to just plain disappointing. It seems we’re getting our wish of something that really pushes the performance envelope, although no doubt these cars will be snatched up mostly by the wealthy who can pull strings and pay an obnoxious amount to own one.

The delayed reveal of this Dodge Challenger/Charger was reportedly because the prototypes were suffering from Hemi V8s literally blowing up. That news indicated high pressure, something that sure is hinted at in this teaser video. The only question is what kind of pressure are we talking about?


These Dodge final Last Call model teasers have been cryptic, to say the least, kind of like something you’d expect from the weird dream sequences in Twin Peaks. In hindsight it will all be obvious, but in the meantime, people think they know what it all means even though probably nobody is getting everything right.

The biggest mystery, one I’ve mocked repeatedly and probably alienated some Mopar bros as a result, is the whole leprechaun theme. What’s up with that? The car is going to be revealed after St. Patrick’s Day but not too long after, but surely that’s not the reason? Some have joked it’s a sign that you’ll have to be super lucky to even get one, which is probably true, but there has to be something more there.

Check out the video for yourself.

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