Dolores Catania Says Jackie Goldschneider Should “Mind Her Own Business” When It Comes to This

Jackie Goldschneider thinks Danielle Cabral is “leaving out a big piece of the story” when it comes to her strained relationship with her brother, but the way Dolores Catania sees it, Jackie has no room to talk considering she’s also estranged from one of her siblings.

“She should mind her own business, really,” Dolores said on the March 21 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show. “[And] worry about her own sister.”

“Do we know her whole story about her sister? Do we? Do we even know a f--king quarter of it?” Dolores continued. “I have questions about that now then. Maybe Danielle should ask her about her whole story with her sister.”

Jackie made an appearance of her own on the RHONJ After Show, but she argued that it’s because she’s in a similar situation as Danielle that she’s so confident in her assertion that the Season 13 newcomer is hiding something.


“I have a sister I’m estranged from, so I’m talking from this standpoint. Sorry, but you don’t go from being [close] with your sibling to all of a sudden blocking them on Instagram and then your whole family’s uninvited from the wedding,” Jackie said of Danielle’s family drama. “That doesn’t happen like that. Maybe it’s the lawyer in me, but I see gaping holes.”

Daily Dish Rhonj Jackie Goldschneider Danielle Cabral
Daily Dish Rhonj Jackie Goldschneider Danielle Cabral

Jackie Goldschneider Dishes on Her Feud with Danielle Cabral

Any “gaping holes” that might exist are irrelevant to Dolores, though. As she put it, “There [are] parts of the story that do sound like they’re missing, but I don’t want to be in a group of people talking about it like that.”

“We don’t know the whole story,” she concluded, “but we know her story, so that should be it.”

Danielle, for her part, maintains that the situation with her brother is as straightforward as it sounds. When she overheard Jackie, Margaret Josephs, Melissa Gorga, and Jennifer Fessler doubting her during the March 21 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she got emotional in a confessional. “I hate hearing my name in conversations that I’m not involved in. It brings me back to my childhood when girls would bully me. It was really tough. I’m getting the same feeling,” Danielle said. “When it comes to my brother, that’s my truth. I opened up to these women about something that affects my soul, and now people are questioning my character?”

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As for Jackie and her sister, she previously stated in 2021 that she didn’t even want to call their relationship “strained” because she’s “never even known her as a sister” to begin with. “It’s very strange to me to even refer to her as my sister, ’cause she’s just another woman who shares the same parents as me,” she added. “I’ve never, ever, ever had a relationship with her. And I thought that when we got to be adults that would change and our children would soften that divide. But it just never happened.”

Jackie also discussed the sibling drama on RHONJ during Season 9. “We never got along. There wasn’t one thing that happened. We just never connected as sisters. We had no real relationship, ever,” Jackie explained. “As children, we always had to be together, but as soon as we reached adulthood, we really just didn’t want anything to do with each other. Every time we were together, we just didn’t get along, and at a certain point, it became too negative and we just decided that our lives were happier without each other in it.”

Hear more from Jackie, Dolores, and the rest of the Season 13 cast by watching the RHONJ After Show.

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