Don’t Change Your Oil In A Parking Lot

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Don’t Change Your Oil In A Parking Lot
Don’t Change Your Oil In A Parking Lot

Some things are unspoken rules, like not trimming your nails during an airplane flight. Other things are expressly forbidden through laws or zoning, like building a house on public land without a permit. But some people think they can do whatever they want. That’s where this guy changing his car’s oil in the AutoZone parking lot comes in.

YouTuber finds out repairing a Rolls-Royce isn’t cheap.

The person who engaged in this obviously unacceptable behavior is a YouTuber who also delivers Doordash and Instacart orders plus does mobile vehicle detailing. The guy is hustling, possibly trying to get a monetized YouTube channel going as well.


What we don’t understand is why he thought changing the oil on his Lexus RX in the AutoZone parking lot was a good thing. He seems to have quite the array of interesting vehicles, including a couple of Infinitis, and surely has somewhere else he can use to change his oil.

Most businesses have signs posted which prohibit things like changing your oil on the premises. That might be because of the inherent hazards of such activities. This guy doesn’t seem to care.

Instead, he seems to think doing a tutorial he calls “how to change your oil at AutoZone” is a great idea. And he also seems to realize it’s not acceptable, stating he parked far away so nobody will “bother” him.

It doesn’t take long before a security guard comes along, documents what this YouTuber is doing, and calls police. But the YouTuber guy also calls the cops, firmly believing the security guard is in the wrong. Later he explains the security guard knocked his phone out of his hand, cracking the screen.

So who’s in the wrong? The guy for not leaving when told or the security guard for damaging the guy’s phone? Watch the video and see what the cops decide ultimately.

Also, don’t change your oil in a business’ parking lot, even at AutoZone.

Image via Midway’s Garage/YouTube