Donk Driver Runs From Police

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Donk Driver Runs From Police
Donk Driver Runs From Police

This is hilarious!

Of all the getaway vehicles we’ve seen used, this guy in what appears to be an Oldsmobile Cutlass donk is one of the more hilarious choices, right up there with a gold-wrapped Escalade. It’s a vehicle that sticks out like a sore thumb, plus with those giant wheels it doesn’t exactly carve up the road like a hot knife through butter, but the guy driving it doesn’t seem to take any of that into account.

That Olds seems to have some guts, because after the guy stops for the Arkansas trooper, he takes off like a bat out of hell. As the trooper gives chase we see the suspect throwing stuff out the window, allegedly weed. That might be why he didn’t want to just take the speeding ticket.


However, donks are tuned for street pursuits, so the trooper keeps up with ease. We know this is offensive to the donk enthusiast crowd but we also don’t see these things just lighting up drag strips from coast to coast and for good reason.

But the real shining star in this video is a civilian in his old Chevy Silverado. The guy won’t let the suspect pass on an overpass transition, using the fact there are hard barriers on either side to his advantage. The donk hits him from behind but the truck wins that fight handily.

That turns the pursuit into a foot chase, but with the driver obviously not Usain Bolt as he almost loses his shorts upon jumping out of the donk, let’s just say his car is better at running than he is. A taser deployment drops him like a giant sack of flower as some whisps of smoke escape from under the crumpled hood of the Olds. The whole scene is almost poetic.

Remember, kids, don’t run from the cops. But if you do, don’t use a donk. Or a gold-wrapped Cadillac Escalade. And go for a run every once in a while.

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