Donna D’Errico Threw Back To Her Baywatch Days With A Red Swimsuit-Themed 55th Birthday Post

 Donna D'Errico's alien in Escape From Area 51
Donna D'Errico's alien in Escape From Area 51

While viewers’ mileage varied wildly when it came to the raunch-filled 2017 remake of Baywatch, the millions-strong fanbase (if not billions-strong) for the iconic TV series hasn’t wavered, even more than 20 years after the final episode aired. And while there aren’t any specific show-related anniversaries to commemorate at the moment, former star Donna D’Errico is celebrating her 55th birthday with a familiar sight involving a beach and a red swimsuit. Although I don’t recall Donna Marco ever showing off qui-i-i-ite this much underboob action in any episodes.

To mark her 55th birthday milestone, Donna D'Errico took to Instagram with a Baywatch-flavored shot that serves as a pretty clear signifier of how young and fancy free she still feels.

A respectful and rousing round of applause and goodwill for the actress' big day. And good on her for getting the cake she deserves, whether it be the sugary kind with frosting or something a bit more salacious. Wink wink, nudge nudge.


D’Errico was born on March 30, 1968, within the city of Dothan, Alabama, and she’s certainly come a long way from those roots. I’m obviously not just talking about her having played a sexy alien in 2021’s Escape from Area 51, for the three people out there who may have thought that. Two decades after Baywatch wrapped, she’s still making fans’ eyes pop out of their heads in ways that pay respects to the show that turned her into a global superstar.

While Donna D’Errico has never exactly been shy about showing off her body in varying ways, and under varying sizes of swimsuit, the past year or so has seemingly marked a slight change in how she’s approached social media. Thanks to some negative commenters chiming in unwarranted about her being too old for her Fourth of July bikini look, the actress clapped back in style with another swimsuit shot, and the follow-up support she received from fans led to her starting her own OnlyFans page, with her former co-star Carmen Electra having already spun financial success out of that online pathway.

And ever since, D’Errico has regularly shared bikini pics and modeled lingerie for her Insta followers, despite whatever complaints she may receive. In a post reflecting on her recent TikTok debut (which also paid homage to Baywatch), she rocked some Victoria’s Secret while dismissing the hate.

And even though we're nearly two weeks beyond St. Patrick's Day, it just feels unlucky to not share D'Errico's holiday post as well.

With the good vibes flowing from all the body positivity happening, is now a good time to talk about the batshit-wild Baywatch Nights getting a firmly self-aware revival or reboot in the near future? Let’s get Donna Marco back on our TVs and chasing sea monsters and shit!