Donnie Wahlberg Responds After Blue Bloods Lands ‘Unbelievable’ Season 14 Renewal

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 donnie wahlberg danny reagan blue bloods dinner scene cbs
donnie wahlberg danny reagan blue bloods dinner scene cbs

Despite Blue Bloods’ longevity, its future hasn’t been as set in stone in recent years compared to other series. For example, recently CBS had a big renewal wave, which didn’t even include the cop procedural. It was reported that the show would have to make budget cuts in order to keep going, and it seemed like that got all worked out as Blue Bloods has been renewed for a 14th season. Now, one of its stars, Donnie Wahlberg, is celebrating the unbelievable news.

Blue Bloods has been dominating Fridays on CBS for a while now, so it’s not so surprising that the family cop drama ended up getting renewed. However, it’s still hard to comprehend that it happened considering how many shows get canceled these days. Donnie Wahlberg, who portrays Detective Danny Reagan, shared his grateful reaction with Entertainment Tonight and even compared it to his New Kids on the Block experience:

I'm just incredibly grateful, you know? It's very unbelievable to be doing so many things that I love to do. I've been in my band for almost 40 years, 30-something years, and I've been doing this show for 13 years, and I'm so grateful for it.

It’s definitely an impressive feat to recognize since 14 seasons is a pretty big deal. The series did just hit 250 episodes, meaning it’s just one season closer to becoming part of the 300 club. It’s also impressive that Donnie Wahlberg has been pulling double duty since he is also still a New Kid on the Block. And now it looks like neither will be stopping anytime soon.

According to THR, the cast and producers on Blue Bloods agreed to a pay cut of 25% in order to keep the Reagan family dinners going. It just shows how much the series means to them and the fans who have kept the show going for so long. Even without relying on cliffhangers and huge story arcs, people are still tuning in, and it should be interesting to see what’s in store for the Reagans next season.

Since Season 13 is still airing, it’s hard to tell what the Reagans will be up to in Season 14. Luckily, there are still a handful of episodes left for this current season, including an upcoming Magnum P.I. reunion, which will no doubt be exciting.

This week has been a big week for Donnie Wahlberg because, on top of the Blue Bloods renewal, he also made a surprise appearance on The Masked Singer to make it clear that he was not the Doll. So, on top of the renewal, this little cameo is an extra reason to be celebratory. I think it's safe to say Whalberg is ending March on a good note.

Donnie Wahlberg Masked Singer Instagram
Donnie Wahlberg Masked Singer Instagram

Blue Bloods is coming back for another season, and it will still be part of the 2023 TV schedule, Donnie Wahlberg was on The Masked Singer, and NKOTB is still thriving. It’s a great time to be a Wahlberg fan, and I hope this feeling doesn’t end any time soon. No matter how unbelievable it is.