Donut Operator Buys A Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

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Donut Operator Buys A Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor  
Donut Operator Buys A Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Former police officer, YouTuber, podcaster, veteran, and skate shop owner Donut Operator took to X (the social media site formerly known as Twitter) to show off his latest ride: a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. The photo he snapped shows the black and white sedan gassing up in the twilight hours, we assume somewhere near his home in Texas.

Remember what happened when a police administrator was pulled over for speeding.

As he made the announcement of his acquisition, Donut reiterated what he’s said many times before, that the Crown Vic was in fact “the greatest police car ever made.” Not everyone agrees with him in the comments, with some former cops and others who just have strong opinions arguing the Chevy Caprice LT1 was far superior.


Just like we’d expect from an ex-cop car, the Police Interceptor Donut bought appears to be a little battered. We only get a three-quarters view from the front driver’s side in low light, but we can still spot several dents and even a couple shallow gouges in the front fender. This cop car has seen some action in its time.

It appears someone removed the spotlight, which can be replaced but is still a bit of a bummer. Donut could always opt for a much more powerful LED option and use that to prank his buddies, off the road of course.

All the police decals have also been removed so thoroughly we don’t even get a ghost outline to tell us what department this car’s from. However, there’s a nice patina on the paint we’re sure will come off with a little effort.

Usually, there are two kinds of people who buy old cop cars: old cops and people who want to use them for no good. So we’re not all that surprised Donut scooped up his favorite, the Crown Vic Police Interceptor and we can’t want to see what he does with it.

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