Donut Truck Theft Leads To Donut Shortage

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Donut Truck Theft Leads To Donut Shortage
Donut Truck Theft Leads To Donut Shortage

A donut truck theft leading to a donut shortage in multiple towns sounds like the ridiculous plot of a Simpsons episode, but it really happened in Connecticut. People were mad when they arrived at the local donut shop only to find their favorite pastries drenched in trans fats weren’t available for gluttonous indulgence. We’re surprised this didn’t lead to some sort of uprising or at least a riot.

Thieves in San Francisco steal a truck full of puppets.

This awful situation went down over the weekend in the Waterbury and Thomaston areas in Connecticut when someone stole a donut truck on the evening of November 4, says WFSB. The thief then crashed the delivery truck, with thousands of the round treats spilling out onto the ground, leading to a shortage on Sunday morning.

To clarify, the truck that was stolen belongs to Dunkin’ Donuts, so we imagine competitors had booming business on Sunday. But we’ve learned from ads that Dunkin’ fuels the world or keeps it going or something like that – we can’t quite remember. And we also understand that in some areas of the Northeast they’re the dominant donut chain, so this must’ve been quite the tragedy.

However, another delivery truck came later on Sunday morning, providing some relief for those who still needed a sugar fix for breakfast. Because starting the day on a sugar high is the best way to conduct oneself. Or something.

It’s not entirely clear why someone stole a Dunkin’ Donuts delivery truck. If we were the police, we’d be taking a long, hard look at competing donut shops in the area. Or maybe he used to work for Dunkin’ and decided to take revenge on his former employer? There’s also the possibility it was a physical trainer in the area who’s tired of his clients cheating and binging on donuts.

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