Dozens of Cybertrucks Vandalized in Fort Lauderdale Parking Lot

vandalized cybertrucks
Dozens of Cybertrucks Vandalized in FloridaWPLG Local 10

Early Friday morning, someone went to a long-vacant parking lot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and stumbled across dozens of cybertrucks, and apparently, the urge was too great to deface. Dozens of new and unsupervised cybertrucks were graffitied with the phrase "F*ck Elon."

Cybertrucks, as polarizing as they are, always garnish a lot of attention; this time, it did not play in Telsa's founder Elon Musk's favor.

The Fort Lauderdale police did not respond to Road & Track's request for a comment on this vandalism. It was, however, shared with the local NBC affiliate that, in total, 34 Cybertrucks were vandalized, and they are actively investigating the vandalism.


The trucks were parked off Route 1 in the neighborhood of Victoria Park in an area with no security or cameras. Every Cybertruck is fitted with nine cameras, but it's unclear if the crime was caught on tape.

It's unknown what type of paint was used to write the message, but because the factory standard Cybertrucks are always stainless steel, the graffiti was able to be easily wiped off, and no permanent damage was done.

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