Driversource Is Selling An 1,800-Mile Lexus LFA In Stunning Sunset Orange On Bring A Trailer

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This is one of three made in Sunset Orange.

When you mention the Lexus brand, most people think of fairly boring yet reliable luxury cars their grandma or weird aunt drives. It’s an unfortunate image, because Lexus does make some exciting vehicles. By far the most epic to ever wear the badge is the LFA, a rare exotic from Japan which you don’t see roaming American streets too often. That’s why people are excited for this 2012 Lexus LFA.

If you’ve been lucky enough to be around a Lexus LFA when that melodic 4.8-liter V10 fires up and especially once the driver lays the hammer down, the sound is truly majestic. Many debate it’s every bit as mesmerizing as many Ferraris and other ultra-lust-worthy rides.

A technological tour de force for Lexus, the LFA is quite the advanced marvel. That V10 has been engineered for minimal reciprocating mass. As a result, it can rev so quickly the car must have a digital tachometer since an analog unit couldn’t accurately measure revs.

This particular LFA is black over black with only 1,200 miles on the clock, so it’s barely been broken in. Both the exterior and interior appear flawless in photos, so this example could qualify as investment-grade.

Whenever a Lexus LFA goes to auction it’s a big deal since only 500 were made. A mere 20 of these supercars were made each month and getting one was no easy task. It’s understandable why they land high on the wish lists of many enthusiasts and collectors.


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