Drone footage offers inside look at Tesla factory and the innovative production of iconic EVs: ‘Next level engineering’

Tesla is among the world’s most popular car companies as the electric vehicle revolution continues to see EVs gain ground on traditional gas-powered cars.

A recent video posted to X (formerly known as Twitter) by Tesla Japan (@teslajapan), the official Tesla Japan account on the platform, gives Tesla fans an inside look at one of its factories as a drone camera flies around capturing footage of a curated look at the car assembly process, much of which is seemingly done by automation.

“Tesla always makes amazing products,” the caption on the video reads (Google-translated from Japanese).


“Next Level Engineering!” one Tesla fan replied in the comments.

“I’d love to wear [an] Antman suit and be in that drone!” wrote another.

“Manufacturing remains and will remain Tesla’s competitive edge for many decades to come,” said a third.

The most innovative part of the footage is that aspects of the assembly process appear to be done by automated robot arms, although some humans are also visible.

Unfortunately, though the robot arms appear perfectly happy, it is not all good news for the human Tesla employees — at least in the United States. While the United Auto Workers union is on strike demanding better wages and treatment from the big three automakers (GM, Stellantis, and Ford), Tesla workers remain on the outside. Tesla workers are still not unionized, despite some efforts that Tesla has so far squashed.

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