Drug Dealer In Toyota Tacoma Flees Off-Road From The Cops

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Drug Dealer In Toyota Tacoma Flees Off-Road From The Cops
Drug Dealer In Toyota Tacoma Flees Off-Road From The Cops

We know a lot of people have opinions on the Dodge Charger and how effective of a police car it is. That’s why this dashcam footage of an Arkansas trooper chasing down a suspected drug dealer who takes his newer Toyota Tacoma off-road to try getting away is so interesting.

After calling off pursuit, cops respond to suspect crashing into house.

After all, the Charger isn’t an SUV or truck, so the suspect should have quite the advantage. That’s probably exactly what the guy’s thinking as he leaves the pavement behind. When you’re driving the cousin of the truck preferred by insurgent fighters around the globe, you tend to have a sense of superiority.


On the pavement, the Tacoma just doesn’t stand a chance. It’ can’t out-accelerate the Mopar, but the guy does know how to keep the back end loose so pitting him out is extra difficult. Still, he can’t keep that trick up forever.

That’s when driving through people’s front yards seems like a great option. Then he goes through a park, climbing a steep hill. That starts to give him a bit of an advantage.

From there he snakes through the green spaces in an apartment complex, then back into the park. And he just starts cutting through any area that isn’t paved as much as possible as more cops join in the chase which has become a giant circle.

We’re not going to lie, this is a weird strategy. The guy sticks to the same general area for a bit, defeating the whole point of “getting away.” It’s like he suddenly realizes this and takes off to another area, then goes through a rough field his truck handles much better than the Charger.

Realizing he can’t keep going off-road, the trooper takes to the pavement for a bit to try closing the gap again. When the suspect also gets back on the road, it doesn’t take long for the trooper to PIT him out.

The biggest thing this video proves is how tough and capable Dodge Charger Pursuits are when chases leave the road. Many are shocked the Mopar didn’t get hung up or suffer mechanical failure. But we’re pretty sure the fleet maintenance crew isn’t going to like cleaning up after the mess.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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