Drunk Driver Exits Car Like An Inchworm

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Drunk Driver Exits Car Like An Inchworm  
Drunk Driver Exits Car Like An Inchworm

A car driving the wrong way on a road in West St. Paul, Minnesota tips police off to the likelihood the driver is intoxicated. That car not only narrowly avoids hitting an oncoming car head-on, it blasts through a red light and just keeps on going even as police are going lights and sirens behind it.

Girl in Dodge Charger gets dumped and goes crazy.

Things take an interesting, even hilarious, turn after the driver pulls off into a driveway skirt, opens her door, then does her best impression of an inch worm after falling out of the open driver’s door. It would be even funnier had she not been driving and almost caused multiple accidents.


This is what’s so scary about drunk drivers. Most of them don’t seem to think they’re all that intoxicated. In fact, we know a lot of people grossly underestimate how much alcohol they consume, almost like they’re in some state of denial. That’s why we’ve been trying to shine a light on how ridiculous most people pulled over and charged with DUI behave.

Please, if you’re going to consume alcohol just use a designated driver. Or get a Uber, Lyft, whatever. There are so many options to not drive after drinking these days. Not only could you damage your car and hurt yourself, you might seriously injure or kill some innocent person who’s just trying to get home.

In this case, the driver was so plastered she looked shocked and horrified when police approached her inchworm pose. Hopefully this was the wakeup call she needed to get things straight in her life and stop acting irresponsibly. We hope this wakes up other people. And we hope if you know someone who’s out drinking and is going to drive that you stop them. You just might save a life or many lives with that simple act.

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